Stock take system

Projectservice works with a stocktake software that is developed by ourselves. All of our experiences from the last years and also these days are used to develop the system. Our clients call the system advanced, unique and not seen before. By using our service and/or our stocktake system you will benefit from all the years of experience. 

A few of the main points are:

  • Fully webbased and paperless stock taking
  • Configuration after your wishes
  • Great possibilties to analyse during and after the stock take
  • Stock take result is directly availble to import in your system
  • High quality due to automatic checks
  • Makes stock takings effective and efficient

StockTrace for your stocktaking

Interested in using our stocktaking software (and hardware if needed) for your stocktakings?


voorraadinventarisatie systeem | scanners
voorraadinventarisatie systeem: voortgang meten
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Quick and reliable stock take

With our stock inventory system we are able to peform a quick and reliable inventory of your stock. We use modern day scanners to scan the barcode of your product or shelve. The software immediately recognises the product, and the employee can enter the quantity, if allowed. Via our portal the progress is available real-time. Our system provides also a possibility to verify the scansessions, this can be easily done via a scanner or tablet. What else does our system support?

  • All mutations are logged, a fully “papertrail” is available
  • Specific verify criteria can be set, the system will automatically mark these
  • All actions are done real-time, following progress, verifying and differences list can be done from distance.


Fully digital stock take

Paper counting lists and verify lists are unnecessary. All actions run via a secured server in the cloud. This makes our stock takes faster and more accurate.

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